Sandra Stetler-Peot, LMT
Educating and returning my clients to pain free, active lifestyles

About Me

My name is Sandra Stetler-Peot and I love helping people get back to being pain free and active.

After graduating from massage school in 1993, I began practice on a part time basis.  I specialized in therapeutic massage and really enjoyed helping people but found myself frustrated that many of my clients returned time after time with the same problems. 

 I took many continuing education classes in my effort to improve my techniques and hopefully find answers that would provide more satisfying long term results.  Finally I found John Barnes Myofascial Release and more recently Dr. Stephen Kaufman’s Pain Neutralization techniques.  As many of my clients have commented: “That’s amazing!”. 

 I find it incredibly gratifying to finally be able to offer answers and relief to many who have exhausted all other options and have nearly given up hope of finding relief from their chronic pain. 

 I still enjoy giving (as well as receiving!) a great therapeutic massage with all of the many benefits it offers, but I am thrilled to have other tools in my belt that I can use when I see clients with more serious pain issues.  As Dr. Kaufman is fond of saying “When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!”.  

 My interests, when I am not doing massage, include travel, theater, art (particularly stained glass), sewing, reading and music.  I also love collecting quotes and jokes. 

I enjoy living in beautiful Door County and providing massage, reflexology, raindrop therapy, myofascial release and pain neutralization services to my year around clients,  tourists and visitors, as well as those lucky “snow birds” who fly away south in the winter.   

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